Island Reality is a local Real Estate Company, who has been in business for over two decades; highly experienced  and professional in providing abroad range of property, sales, rentals, managing residential and commercial buildings and conducting valuations for their clients.


    • Location, location, location.
    • Rents vary significantly on the island. Closer to the SGU St. George’s University, established developments such as Lance Aux Epines, Grand Anse, Ft. Jedy, Westerhall point, Egmont, prices are quoted in US, whilst in the suburbs of St George’s prices tend to be measured in EC.
    • Luxury Villas are specifically geared for the holidaymaker, who simply wants that temporary luxury home. This is usually on a weekly basis.


  • Trends are constantly changing. Some buyers are seeking less property space and deciding on purchasing smaller up-scaled properties such as condominiums that are once again springing up in the south of the island, approximately $190,000-US$400,000 per unit.
  • For the price-conscious buyer, foreclosures, and fixer-uppers, economy properties are particularly attractive for the Grenadian diaspora market and even expatriate market. (Popular prices can fall between EC$300,000-$800,000 or US$111,00-$296,000)

Property Management

Many property owners living abroad, or at home don’t want the hassle of the daily job, caring for their home/investment and prefer a professional to handle the task. This involves:

  • Paying the bills (property tax, insurances, workers)
  • Up keeping the property (pool, garden, etc)
  • Monthly accounts
  • Tenancy needs and complaints


With many properties surfacing for sale, valuations is a service being offered to institutions, and individuals seeking a realistic price for their property in the Grenada Market. The experts in this field are here to do that.