Michael Benke Rental

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Gina and Christine are surely professional, both to tenants and landlords. From issuing receipts for rent-paid, to coordinating timely repairs, they take pride in their work, the properties they handle, and in their island. By way of example, our building had a pump fail and literally the next day Gina hand-carries a large cast-iron pump to our building. Herself. So the plumber could make an after-hours repair. To make sure tenants didn’t go the weekend without water. Cable went down once and Christine goes into Flow to handle the matter personally. Cable back up same day. If you are a tenant, that’s what you want. If you’re a landlord, that’s what you need. Island Reality operates online banking/rent payment if you have a local bank account, so that’s even better if you have that set-up. They’re a good team. My privilege working with you folks during my years there.